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Infection and Cancer: Don't Ignore the Deadly Microbes

Infection and Cancer: Don't Ignore the Deadly MicrobesBy Dr. Mao

Among the top causes of cancer, infection is often overlooked. Yet, up to 20% of cancer cases are due to viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. In developing countries, the percentage can run as high as 30%. In this article, I will show you the link between infection and cancer, how to keep your immune system optimum and how to prevent and treat infections naturally.

How Do Infections Lead to Cancer?

Some viruses affect the cellular genome by inserting their genes into the cell, causing mutations and out-of-control growth. More...

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Sleep Habits to Support Immunity

Sleep Habits to Support ImmunityBy Dr. Shannon Lawrence

Have you ever slept poorly and then got up the next morning with a sore throat? How about trouble sleeping on an overnight flight and then developing a respiratory illness a few days later? Sleep is key to maintaining a robust immune system, and building strong sleep habits has a powerful effect on immunity; whether you are sleeping in your own bed, in a hotel room, or on an airplane, the quality of your sleep matters.

The cells in our immune system are found in several different parts of the body, including the adenoids, bone marrow, lymph nodes, lymphatic channels, lymphatic patches in the small intestine, the spleen, thymus, and tonsils. More...

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Ask Dr. MaoQ: Is there really much benefit of taking ginkgo to improve brain function?

A: Yes! Ginkgo is one of the most widely studied plants. The leaf of the ginkgo tree is shaped like a human brain, and some believe this is why, in Asia, it has always had a reputation of benefiting the mental processes. Decreased memory and difficulty concentrating is largely due to decreased blood flow to the brain and loss of brain cells. Ginkgo has been confirmed to boost circulation to the brain and other organs, therefore improving memory and cognitive functions. In the past, scientists believed that dementia was caused by a reduced blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Because ginkgo appears to improve circulation, European physicians assumed that ginkgo was simply getting more blood to brain cells and thereby making them work better. However, advances in the understanding of age-related mental decline have led scientists to move away from this theory. Ginkgo is now believed to function by directly stimulating nerve cell activity and protecting nerve cells from further injury.



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