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Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Is Laughter the Best MedicineBy Frances Lam, L.Ac.

Let's start the year with a good, deep belly laugh, the kind that makes you cry and may even leave you gasping for air. The kind of laugh that can turn heads is contagious and can fill a room. With the challenges we face every day, adding more laughter to your life can help to lighten up some dark times while adding many health benefits.

The origin of the phrase, "laughter is the best medicine" is unknown. However in 1964, Dr. William F. Fry, then a professor of psychology at Stanford University in California, was the first scientist to propose that laughter could be a field of study and published research on the beneficial physiological processes that result from laughing. More...

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Can Acupuncture Help Migraine Headaches

Can Acupuncture Help Migraine HeadachesBy Robert Ogarek, L.Ac.

In my practice I hear this question a lot, "can acupuncture help treat my migraine headaches?" I always preface my answer with the fact that all of us are different and acupuncture doesnít help everyone. However, in my experience, acupuncture can help with migraines and headaches. Not only is that statement backed by 22 different clinical studies but I have personally seen my own clients find migraine relief by utilizing acupuncture treatments. More...


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Ask Dr. MaoQ: Iím losing circulation in the pointer finger and pinky of my left hand. They become numb and turn white when the temperature reaches the 50-degree range and below. Can you tell me why this happens?

A: The fingers of the hand are innervated through the cervical nerves. I suggest you check with your primary physician to determine if there are vertebral problems in your cervical spine. It is also possible that you are developing repetitive injury to the median nerve at the base of your wrist; you can have a test done to determine if this is the cause.


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