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Skin: Healthy from the Inside-Out

Skin: Healthy from the Inside-OutBy J. Matthew Brand, L.Ac., Certified Clinical Nutritionist

When we show our face, we are exposing a part of our innermost selves to the world. While the outermost layer of skin is composed entirely of dead cells, the condition of the epidermis is the result of not only what happens on its surface, but also what is happening inside the body.

Our skin provides protection from the external environment, being our first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It also makes us waterproof (and, in turn, helps keep moisture inside), helps regulate temperature through sweating, and produces vitamin D when exposed to the sunlight. Skin turnover time is, on average, between 30 and 40 days, meaning that whatever steps you take to make positive changes to your skin will take at least this long to become evident. More...

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How to Prepare for Your Acupuncture Treatment

How to Prepare for Your Acupuncture TreatmentBy Robert Ogarek, L.Ac.

If you were about to go into surgery you would have likely received strict instructions from your doctor to prepare for your surgery. Well as you prepare for your Acupuncture treatment there are some Doís and Donítís that will maximize its effectiveness.

Do Not Consume a Large Meal Before or After Your Acupuncture Treatment

We all know the sluggishness that follows a large meal. Your body is forced to throw itís resources towards digesting that food thus taking away resources from other parts of your body. We donít want this, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time before heading to your acupuncture session. More...


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Ask Dr. MaoQ: For a long while I have had a fungus on my big toe and other toes that will not go away. What should I do to get rid of it?

A: Fungus likes wet, dark, and damp places. Furthermore, it appears that your immune system may not be strong enough to ward off these invaders. Assuming the fungal infection has not penetrated the nail bed and is confined to the skin between the toes.

I would suggest the following regiment:

1. Wash your feet three times daily with cool water and hypoallergenic soap. Dry your feet thoroughly.


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