Weight Wellness Success StoryWeight Wellness Success Story

By Dr. Mao Shing Ni, L.Ac., D.O.M., Ph.D, Dipl. C.H., ABAAP

Gina had dealt with being overweight most of her life. She had tried numerous diets and programs, spending a lot of effort and money without sustained success. Following my initial evaluation with her, I shared with Gina the principles ofLive Your Ultimate Lifeand the Infinichi program. I recommended that she take theInfinichi Quiz. The results of the quiz showed that she was an Earth ElementPersonality type. Earth Element is usually someone with a caring and nurturing personality.

In her mid 30's, Gina had spent most of her adult life taking care of friends, family members, and co-workers. She was beloved by everyone because she was always there for them. However, her life was pretty stressful because she worried a lot and constantly over-extended herself. When Gina returned home each day, she would be overcome by exhaustion and the one thing that made her feel better was to eat, in particular sweets. She was of course always feeling guilty knowing that the sweets and over-eating contributed to her weight problem, but she just couldn't help herself. Gina didn't know how to ask for what she needed. Instead she always said yes to everyone else's needs. She also had chronic digestive issues, always feeling bloated, gassy, and constipated. The vulnerable area of Earth ElementPersonality type is the digestive system.

During our coaching work, I explained to Gina the key characteristics of her Earth ElementPersonality type. We discussed how her emotional, behavioral, and health tendencies may be at the root of her inability to lose the weight and keep it off. I asked her to prioritize herself instead of always taking care of everybody else first. I helped her create healthy boundaries at work, as well as in her personal life, so that people would respect her time and energy. The hardest thing for her to learn was to say "no, thank you" to others and prioritize herneeds. AsGina practiced this new way of being, she began to have more time and energy left at the end of her day. Instead of coming home and collapsing into the couch and eating, Gina started and adhered to an exercise program forEarth Element Chi Gong,walking 5,000-10,000 steps daily and even signed up for a dance class.

I advised that Gina take theEarth Element Core Formulato support the healthy function of her digestive system. Additional weight wellness support can be achieved through using a combination of B-Slim Formula and Probiotics Formula. She also went on an eating program diet tailored to the Earth Element Personality type.This consisted of five small meals a day of lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish, cooked vegetables like dark leafy greens and squash, pumpkin and sweet potato/yams. Gina eliminated all sugars including most fruits, except berries and cherries. She also cut out grains,except quinoa, amaranth, and millet, and incorporated nuts, seeds and legumes into her diet. I saw Gina weekly for half-hour coaching sessions. Three months after our coaching began she had lost 15 pounds. At the end of our coaching work together, three months later, Gina had lost another 17 pounds for a total of 32 pounds.

I saw Gina for a follow-up a couple of months after. She looked great and felt fabulous. Over one year after she went on the weight wellness program she kept the weight off, restored her long lost self-esteem and is much happier in her life because she finally learned to ask for what she needs.

In her own words,"Discovering myself through the [Infinichi Quiz] and getting on the weight wellness program has changed my life profoundly in every which way. This is a healthy way of life and I plan to stay on it for life!"

May you live long, strong and happy.

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